Funding in Action: $15,000 to Team Sports in 2015 - 2016

Every year the FHS Athletic Boosters provides much needed support to our Fremont Athletic programs. This year we wanted to provide some information on some of the items Boosters helped purchase. Along with these new pieces of equipment we obviously updated our website, and added the Hall of Fame event to the list of fundraiser we manage. It has been an extremely productive year. 

FHS Football: Helmets - $3,000

Football is an ever adapting sport in regards to player safety. As more and more information becomes available on concussions the technology to prevent concussions improves. This year the Football team asked that we help fund new helmets with the latest safety features to help ensure that our team stays as injury free as possible. Sounds like a good investment, no?

FHS Wrestling: 
Adam Wrestling Dummy - $800

In a three way split the FHS Wrestling Team, FHS Athletics Department, and FHS Athletic Boosters came together to purchase an Adam Wrestling Dummy. This is a piece of equipment quite often reserved for top 20 DI NCAA programs but with a coach like Erik Duus advocating for the purchase and the continued success of the team it is hard to make a case not to support this purchase. The collaboration with AD Steve Puccinelli, Head Coach Erik Duus, and Fremont Athletic Boosters on this purchase is the kind of efforts that show the true community feel around Fremont Athletics. 


FHS Girls Soccer: Practice Balls and Ball Bags - $500

It can be very difficult to practice soccer without balls, and difficult to carry them without bags. Hopefully the support provided a little help for the first SCVAL El Camino Title from our Girls Soccer program. We look forward to continuing to support and watch the success of Coach Hajjarian and the Girls Soccer Team. 


FHS Cheer: Cheerleading Mats - $1,300

This was the first year that Cheerleading fell under the scope of Athletic Boosters. Coach Dan Callanta approached Boosters about support now that Cheer is officially recognized as a sport it made nothing but sense. FHS Athletic Boosters is happy to welcome the Cheer Team and their families to Boosters. Coach Callanta also mentioned a mat would be helpful, as the team has had to go off site to practice routines. Not any more. This year the Fremont Cheer Team qualified for Nationals in Las Vegas!

Other items purchased by Boosters includes:

  • Softball Bleachers $2,500
  • Baseball Bats $750
  • Wrestling Warm Ups $3,500
  • Baseball and Softball Equipment $1,500
    • including Tarps, Batting Cage Mat, and 2 L screens for batting practice

A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved in Boosters or Boosters events that makes this all possible. Without your support this funding is not available. If you haven't signed up for Boosters yet this year, please do consider it by CLICKING HERE.

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