An Inside Look at Year Round Athletes

Rohan Kale

Junior Rohan Kale was a year-round athlete last year at Fremont High School. He chose to do cross country, track and field and basketball because he enjoys running and playing basketball. He did cross country mainly to help him improve in track. He started playing sports when he was around four years old. Kale’s inspiration in life is a family friend who achieved academic and athletic success and is now going to MIT. Kale plans to play sports in college, but not professionally.

Ivan Muñoz

Junior Ivan Muñoz played sports all three seasons last year at Fremont High School. He played soccer, track and field and cross country. He chose to play year round because he wanted to challenge himself while also impressing colleges. In order to balance his academic and athletic lives, Muñoz sacrifices sleep and tends to stay up past one A.M. He first started playing sports in his freshman year of high school when he joined Fremont’s soccer team. His older brother is Muñoz‘s inspiration because his brother worked hard throughout school and sports. He has not decided if he will play sports in college or professionally.

Edgar Ramos

Sophomore Edgar Ramos did cross country, wrestling, and track and field last year at Fremont High School. He has a passion for doing wrestling and track and field. In order to handle both sports and school, Ramos said he does all his homework on specific days and asks his teachers to get his homework earlier than his classmates. He started playing soccer when he was just six years old, but he eventually got tired of it. His inspiration is his wrestling coach, Erik Duus, one of the toughest people Ramos has ever known. Ramos said he wants to do wrestling or track and field in college. Currently, he hasn’t dedicated his life to sports, but plans to focus much more on them in college.

Alex Garcia

Junior Alex Garcia did cross country, soccer, and track and field last year as well. He chose to do three sports because he liked all of those available for all the seasons. In order to lighten his workload, he does homework during lunch and right after he comes home from practice. He started playing sports at a very young age. He is inspired mostly by his family to strive in life. He is not sure if he wants to play sports in college or professionally, but he would like to become a professional soccer player.

Author: Michael Wang from The Phoenix