FHS Cheer Program


The Fremont Cheer Team has recently joined the athletic department, making the cheerleading program at Fremont High School an official sport on campus. But what exactly does this mean for the team and why should Fremont care?

All in all, it brings in lots of money into the school. Now, this may not take place right away due to it being a long process, however, with athletic boosters now being able to help fund cheer expenses, future Fremont cheer teams have the opportunity to purchase cheer mats which would make Fremont High School eligible to a host cheerleading competitions.

This would bring in not only money, but publicity for FHS. The current 2018-19 cheerleading team is also extremely excited about becoming a sport.

“Now that we practice almost everyday, we are able to improve our strength and our ability to stunt and improve our jumps” senior and cheerleader Alyssa Gonzalez said.

Cheerleading Coach Dan Callanta agrees.“Becoming a sport gives us the opportunity to develop well-rounded athletes and try out the competitive atmosphere for both teams,” Callanta said.

Becoming a sport is not the only way this team has advanced. This past summer, cheer attended a week-long cheerleading camp at Santa Cruz hosted by the United Spirit Association (USA).

This year both junior varsity and varsity earned many awards for their improvement in stunts, choreography and spirit.

FHS’s very own Darion Isaiah Dizon earned the award “Best Jumper,” which is extremely impressive since he had the highest jump in the entire camp which included over 600 athletes.

This year, six FHS cheerleaders from both varsity and JV received the All-American award. This award is an exclusive invitation to perform during the 2019 New Year’s parade in Rome.

Congratulations to the following for this amazing accomplishment: Darion Isaiah Dizon, Alyssa Gonzalez, Natalia Richards, Michelle Cortez, Alinna Rivera and Andrea Maminta.

Summer camp is always something this team looks forward to attend.

“My favorite part of camp was meeting a lot of people, making connections and learning new things while having fun and bonding with both my own team and other teams” Gonzalez and Ezipes said, as this will be their last year attending.

In addition, both JV and varsity are taking the program a level higher by becoming competitive teams. Last year, only members from the varsity cheer team were able to tryout for the competition team. Even then, the competitive team faced obstacles such as only being able to practice one day a week.

“Due to the increase in hours in our practices per week the team has grown in strength and consistency” Callanta said.

Now that both teams are automatically apart of the competition team, they are able to rise the level of difficulty in their routine and hopefully place higher in their division.

Varsity captain, Natalie Ezipes along with coach Dan Callanta, have been working closely with the varsity team focusing on stunts to set the foundation for incoming teams to follow.

“I definitely think our stunts will look a lot better because we have a lot of returnees on the team and have been non stop increasing the difficulty in our stunts.”  Ezipes said as the cheer team inches closer to their first competition date; October 13.

Good job to the FHS cheer teams and good luck on this year’s season!

Author: Michelle Cortez from The Phoenix