Fremont's Victory Rings Across the Field

After seven years, Fremont High School finally won the Battle of the Bell and brought the bell back.

Every year, the Battle of the Bell is one of the most anticipated football games. It represents the ongoing rivalry between FHS and Homestead High School. Though HHS has won most of the Battles of the Bell, Adam Herald, coach of the varsity football team, is still happy to bring the bell back to Fremont.

Before the game, Herald and most of the team trusted in their ability to overcome HHS.

“I was confident in our team,” Herald said, “They had a good week preparation and they were hungry for a win.”

Similarly,senior Jonathan Gutierrez had been planning on winning for a long time.

“I’ve been saying since my junior year, we’re going to beat Homestead,” said Jonathan Gutierrez.

Among the players, there was a strong sense of confidence in their ability to win this game. However, when the game actually started, the conviction of some players wavered a little.

“ I was [...] nervous because everyone was there,” said Jonathan Gutierrez. “I talked [a lot of trash] and if we didn’t win I was going to be embarrassed.”

Senior Isaac Gutierrez said he helped the team persevere by giving them a motivational speech, reminding them of their chance to do something that hadn’t been done in years. Due to efforts like these,the team was able to push through and secure their victory.

According to Isaac Gutierrez, one of the main reasons FHS was able to secure a victory over HHS was due to their teamwork.

“The main difference was our team chemistry and us all coming together for a game that actually mattered,” said Isaac Gutierrez.

Another aspect that helped FHS win according to senior T-Bone Alvarado was their new head coach.

“We had a new head coach,” said Alvarado, “I don’t know why [former coach Nelson Gifford] couldn’t do it, but [Herald] did it, you know.”

In terms of which specific students made a difference in the game, Alvarado said Isaac Gutierrez excelled during the game.

“I knew we were going to win because my boy Isaac was making plays,” said Alvarado.

Coach Herald almost commended Isaac Gutierrez’ ability during the game and praised junior Bryand Arcia and senior Cohle Feliciano for their performance in the game.

“Isaac Gutierrez and Cohle Feliciano were hard to stop on defense. Bryand Arcia managed the game well as [quarterback] and our offensive line allowed our running backs to gain first downs when we needed,”

After the game was won, the entire team was jubilant; some were on the brink of crying. Herald was happy to see the players work together as a team to bring back the highly coveted bell. The players were equally thrilled by their success.

“I don’t really know how to describe it,” said Jonathan Gutierrez, “I mean, I stole the bell and took it to In-N-Out.”

Isaac Gutierrez was proud of his fellow seniors for their achievement because many of the previous varsity teams were not able to do what they did.

In the end, FHS brought the bell back after the most important and anticipated football game of the year. The great chemistry of the team, along with the help of their new coach and key players allowed the team to take the victory against HHS after seven years.

“Honestly I thought I was going to cry after the game,” Alvarado said, “I was too happy. I felt good.”

Written By: Michael Wang and Thomas Poplawski